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As the running hours of the vehicle increase, the vehicle parts will run in the life span through wear and tear. Some of the parts will damage through excessive usage and sometimes through rough use and accidental damages. In all these situations the vehicle will face Electrical & Mechanical problems. Most of these Electrical & Mechanical problems can be solved through replacing parts and sometimes repairing them. Some of these Electrical problems are given below that can be rectified. Starting trouble is a common problem that facing in the new generation cars, which is due to the various sensor malfunctions. One another problem is vehicle not accelerating as required. Engine over heating is an other issue that may be related to electrical complaints.  All these problems are related to the electronics components working with the mechanical components. Everybody think that ECM is the main cause for all the complaints. But it not necessary that ECM got a complaint always.  ECM is an expensive Part of a car. So think twice before replacing an ECM. Bring the car to us to diagnose the accurate problem of the car and we are equipped for it. 

 As said all the new generation cars got electronic and electrical components incorporated with mechanical parts, such as ABS - Anti Lock Breaking System, EPS - Electric Power Steering, EPMS - Electronic Parking Brake System, TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System, TPS – Throttle position sensor, Crank shaft and Cam shaft position sensor, EGR Exaust gas Re-circulation System, SPTS Steering position & torque sensor, Wired accelerating system, Map sensor, Maf sensor, Oxygen sensor, knock SenElectrical throttle controls, Transponder car key, Immobilizer, ECM controlled fuel injectors, ECM Engine control module, BCM Body control module, TCM Transmission Control Module etc and there are various types of actuators too. The list is endless. 

We have the knowledge and the facility to identify the problem and we will try to repair all the electrical and electronic devices coming along with any mechanical parts. We use special tool SCANNING TOOL to identify the electronics of the entire system through reading DTC's and rectify the problems. 


A car's Electronic Control Module ECM or ECU Engine control unit, is the computer responsible for providing fuel to the engine and controlling the quality of the car's emissions. The ECM uses a microprocessor and software to analyze and respond to the input values from an array of sensors. An ECM is typically part of a larger system, with multiple modules that control everything from power steering to airbags, commonly called the car's computer. A malfunction in any of the sensors & actuators will affect the ECM performance. We have state of art diagnostic tools to find the problems and rectify them. We can repair the ECM itself. ECM Repair, Reprogram, Re calibrate and Flashing can be done. Inexperienced technician could damage your ECM which is very expensive. With a faulty ECM, your vehicle might not even move an inch. 


Car Electronic control module repair and reprograming service center in Manjummel, Ernakulam, Cochin, Edappally, Kakkanadu, Kalamassery, Aluva, Cheranalloor

Sensors monitor most of the key functions and manage tasks like ignition timing, fuel delivery, emission controls, transmission shifting, cruise control, engine torque reduction (if the vehicle has ABS - antilock brakes with traction control), and charging output of the alternator. On many late-model vehicles (Toyota, Nissan, etc.), the ECM even controls the throttle TPS Throttle position sensor because there is no direct cable or linkage connection to the throttle. Reliable sensor inputs are an absolute must if the whole system is to operate smoothly. We have special diagnostic tools to pinpoint the problems and we can replace the parts or repair them to rectify a problem. The key is to be able to identify the right sensor in question and have the technical skill and facility to be able to recalibrate it.

Car engine tune up, overhaul, and ECM service center Manjummel, Ernakulam, Cochin, Edappally, Kakkanadu, Kalamassery, Aluva, Cheranalloor

Instrument cluster is fitted in front of the driver and steering wheel which is the information dash board fitted with warning lights and various gauges to show the temperature, fuel level, etc. There might also be an ODO meter and RPM meter fitted as well. Now the entire new generation vehicle comes equipped with a digital Speedo meters which are repairable. The meter malfunctions are repairable. The fuel gauge and temperature gauge malfunctions are repairable. The entire warning lights malfunctions are repairable. Sometimes replacing a bulb will solve the problem.


Car instrument cluster repair and service center in Manjummel,  Ernakulam, Cochin, Edappally, Kakkanadu, Kalamassery, Aluva, Cheranalloor

Most vehicles today face problems with these gauges. The fuel gauge is in the instrument cluster and the Fuel level sensor unit is fixed in the fuel tank. There is wiring harness also in between the two components. If the fuel gauge is not working we can solve it by repairing the problems and replacing parts. Like the temperature gauge also have a temperature sensor fitted on the engine. We can repair that too.

Auto Electrical Repair and service center workshop Manjummel, Ernakulam, Cochin, Edappally, Kakkanadu, Kalamassery, Aluva, Cheranalloor

New generation vehicles come fitted with a digital ODO (Speedo) meter. This one doesn’t have a Speedo cable mechanism and instead have a speed sensor. This will cause various complaints to the Speedometer reading. Sometimes the Speedometer reading is reduced or sometimes it is increased. It can be readjusted to its original reading as this is mostly to do with sensor calibration. Also, RPM meter malfunction can be repaired. 


Car digital speedo meter and odo meter repair workshop Manjummel, Ernakulam, Cochin, Edappally, Kakkanadu, Kalamassery, Aluva, Cheranallor

A faulty starter motor will give a starting trouble. The starter motor is a DC current motor working on the batteries power. There are carbon brushes, bearings, bushes, armature, Clutch and Pinion, solenoid switch etc in the starter motor. The life of these parts can be reduced through years of working because of wear and tear. Before it stops working, we can repair it through changing some parts and bringing it back to its original condition. A starter will cost you approximately nothing less than 5000/- RS.  But you can repair it at almost half the price. We try to repair it before it becomes totally un-repairable. 


Car self starter motor repair and service workshop Manjummel, Ernakulam, Cochin, Edappally, Kakkanadu, Kalamassery, Aluva, Cheranalloor
Car Electrical service centre - Car Electrical Repair workshop
Auto Electrical repair workshop in Manjummel, Ernakulam 
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