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As the running hours of the vehicle increase, the vehicle parts will run in the life span through wear and tear. Some of the parts will damage through excessive usage and sometimes through rough use and accidental damages. In all these situations the vehicle will face Electrical & Mechanical problems. Most of these Electrical & Mechanical problems can be solved through replacing parts and sometimes repairing them. Some of these mechanical problems are given below that can be rectified.

Now all the new generation cars got electronic and electrical components incorporated with mechanical parts, such as ABS - Anti Lock Breaking System, EPS - Electric Power Steering, EPMS - Electronic Parking Brake System, TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System, TPS – Throttle position sensor, Crank shaft and Cam shaft position sensor, SPTS, Steering position & torque sensor, Wired accelerating system, Map sensor, Maf sensor, Oxygen sensor, Electrical throttle controls, Transponder car key, Immobilizer, ECM controlled fuel injectors etc. The list is endless. 

We have the knowledge and the facility to identify the problem and we will try to repair all the electrical and electronic devices coming along with any mechanical parts. 


An Alternator is fixed in the car for re-charging the vehicles battery. The battery is used for various functions of your car. With age the battery voltage would start to drop. If it is not recharged, the battery voltage will drop down to such point that your vehicle cannot start.  While the vehicle is running the alternator also works and a constant current is given back into the battery and that is why the battery will stay on the minimum voltage level. So the Alternator is a very important part in the car. There is a battery warning lamp fitted in the instrument cluster, which will go off after the car starts and that is the indication that the alternator is charging. If the battery warning lamp is staying on after the car starts, that means the alternator is not working. In this case get your car to nearest service center to fix this problem. Otherwise, you will be stuck in traffic with a weak battery. 


Car alternator Repair and service center workshop Manjummel, Ernakulam, Cochin, Edappally, Kakkanadu, Kalamassery, Aluva, Cheranalloor

All the premium cars have automatic side view mirrors on the both side which is very expensive. We have the experience in repairing almost anything and we repair the side glass too. XUV 500 for example, has a side glass is very complicated one because of the extensive motor mechanisms used in it. With multi directional movement of the ORVM (Outside Rear View Mirror), this packs a heavy price if we are looking to replace. However that can also be repaired. Bring it to us we will try as we have done it before.  


Car automatic side view mirror repair and service center workshop Manjummel, Ernakulam, Cochin, Edappally, Kakkanadu, Kalamassery, Aluva, Cheranalloor

These days the door glass has an automated system. There is a motor and cable system which will work while operating a switch and then the door glass will go up and/or down. Some vehicles have an electronic control module which is connected along with the ECM to work this. All power window-related electrical and electronic components can be repaired. Including the door glass winder, Motor, switches, electronic modules and the wiring problems are also repairable. Bring it to us and let us take a look at it.


Car automatic door window glass winder and motor repair and service center workshop Manjummel, Ernakulam, Cochin, Edappally, kakkanadu, Kalamassery, Aluva, Cheranalloor

This switch is fitted behind the steering wheel to switch on the head light, dim and bright, turn signals, wiper motor, wiper washer, hazard lights etc. This switch is also a very expensive component. Why replace it when we can repair it? If you have a faulty combination switch on your car, bring the car to us and we could repair it for you.

Car steering combination switch repair and service center workshop Manjummel, Ernakulam, Chochin, Edappally, Kakkanadu, Kalamassery, Aluva, Cheranalloor

All the cars have what is called a radiator cooling fan and motor. This works when the engine temperature is above normal operating levels. If the cooling fan is not working, the engine will overheat and this could damage the engine. There is a motor fixed in the cooling fan to rotate the fan leaf. There are temperature sensor, relays etc to make it work. The fan motor could be repairable. The wiring and relays and all such problems can be repaired. 


Car radiator cooling fan motor repair and service center workshop Manjummel, Ernakulam, Cochin, Edappally, Kakkanadu, kalamassery, Aluva, Cheranalloor.

Battery, Starter motors, Alternators, Wiper motors, Power window - Door Glass Motors, Automatic Side View Mirrors, Cooling Fan Motors, Condenser Fan Motors, Blower Fan Motors, Fuel Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Instrument Cluster, Steering Combination Switch, Door Glass control switch, Door Lock Actuators, Door lock switch, Car starting Key switch, Fuel Tank unit, Electrical Fuel Pump, Autolock systems, Burglar Alarm system, Electronic Control Module - ECM, Sensors and Actuators Etc. 

We repair all the wiring systems and safety systems. Bring your car to us for any and all electrical problems even if it is not mentioned above. 


Car battery sale and service center workshop Manjummel, Ernakulam, Cochin, Edappally, Kakkanadu, Kalamassery, Aluva, Cheranallor
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