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Our Services include car repair, part replacement, car wash and polishing, Tire Replacement, Accessories fitting, Extra fitting, Oil change, Road side Assistance, Break down assistance, car tow service, Accident care, Accident assistance, Auto Electrical Repairs, Car A/C Repairs, Car Mechanical Repairs etc. We will take care of anything and everything related to your automotive requirements.



Engine tuning consists of various repairing and adjustments. We undertake engine valve settings; adjust the spark plug gap; engine oil and filter change, engine recalibrating with diagnostic tools etc. 


Always check the brakes for durability. With every general service we do just that. We will replace the brake pads and shoes only if required. Otherwise clean it and fit it back. The wear out of brake pads or shoes completely depends on the user/driver. This cannot be written in black and white and hence is a subjective inspection. Based on the condition at service, we advise a clean and re-fit, or replace. Other components like the Clutch also require periodic inspection and adjustments. There are various fluid levels to check certain intervals. These are also included in general service.



General Service and Periodic Service / Preventive Maintenance Service:

General Service: This service is based on a random ad-hoc schedule. In this service we conduct basic checks of running parts – like brakes, clutch, etc., check fluid levels and inspect vehicle condition and stability. Anything that requires to be changed will be updated in our records and informed to the customer accordingly. Most of these changes are subjective based on driving duration, driving conditions, road conditions, and the driver’s general driving etiquette. Hence we update the customer with the condition and advice replacement only if necessary.


Preventive Maintenance service: This service is based on a periodic schedule. This enables us to protect the vehicle from unusual or unexpected break downs to our best effort. We check for possible problems that may arise, for example, a wire that is standing on its last copper, a fuse that is almost burnt out, brake pads that are almost worn out completely, cracks on the fan belt, etc... and repair it or replace the parts before it catches you with a breakdown. This helps us ensure to our customer, that your vehicle will not surprise you with unexpected issues thereby providing you with a peace of mind and full confidence on drive safety and comfort.



Wheels and suspension are to be kept in an up-to-date condition always as there are too many moving parts and these parts are under the carriage. So it could get damaged at any time.   We will check each and every part for possible damage and repair or replace the parts if required to make sure all are in perfect condition.  

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