In a car A/C most people complain about the cooling not being enough, which can be rectified with the top up of the refrigerant gas. It is normal that the Freon gas level reduces in the system by two/three years. However, sometimes the gas leak very fast. That could be a problem and must be repaired. We will repair almost all the parts related to the A/C systems. A/C Compressor, Compressor clutch assembly, Evaporator, Condenser, Filters, Expansion Valves, Aluminum Pipes and Rubber hoses, Blower motors, Condenser Fan Motors, Control switches, Thermostats, Sensors, Relays, A/C system wiring harness, Aluminum pipe leak repair by Aluminum brazing, Hose repair by hose crimping.etc. Premium car's have a computerized climate control system which can only repaired by the use of a scan tool. Mercedes Benz have Thermetronics HVAC system which is related to the car ECM. A/C Car service, car a/c service, car a/c repair workshop, 

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