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Automaster have car workshop vacancies


Car repair and service center workshop vacancies, car mechanics, auto electricians, car a/c repair technicians, Tinker, Spray painters, Customer relation managers, service advisers, Accountant, Office assistants, cleaning staff, Security,

Drivers, Spare parts sales man, etc  

We have the following Automotive career opportunities.


1. Car - Auto Electricians                                                                                    

2. Car A/C Technicians                                                                               

3. Car Mechanics - Specialized in various brands                                                                                     

4. Car Denters, Tinker, body repair man                                                    

5. Car Spray Painters                                                                               

6. Customer Relation Management trainees                                                                

7. Service Advisors                                                                                    

8. Spare parts Salesman 


9. Front Office Assistant


10. Tele caller, Office Assistant   


11. Car Mechanical Assistant                                                                              

12. Car Electrician Assistant                                                                       

13. Car A/C Technician Assistant   


14. Car Painting Helpers - Apprentices


15. Car Denter Helpers - Apprentices                                                         

16. Service center cleaning Helpers - Apprentices                                                    

17. Car washing and polishing Helpers. Apprentices


18. Car Drivers cum Helpers.    


19. Technical Apprentices









For vacancy Number 1 to 3 Candidate must have a minimum of 10 years of gulf experiance and in India on new geraration passenger vehicles or the person have a diploma in Automobile Engineering with a minimum 2 years of experiance in Premium cars in any of the service centers in India. 


Technical Assistants must have diploma in Automobile Engineering.

Frushers can also apply. 


For Vacancy number 4 and five must have a minimum of 10 years of gulf experiance and in India on premium cars. Automobile Engineering diploma is an add on qualification.


For vacancy Number 6 must hold a digree in Automobile Engineering. Good looking, Hard workging, Sales promotion capabilties, Business canvasing capacities is a must. The person who have the above confidance can apply. No experiance required. 


For Vacancy number 7, the person must have the capability to understand the customer complaints and identify the problems and report to the technicians. Minimum of 2 years experiance in India on premium cars service center required for this post. 


For vacancy number 8, the person must have the experience in the automobile spare parts sales and purchasing capabilty in and around Ernakulam city is a must. He must know the spare parts whole salers location and where about to purchase the parts as and when required. 


For Vacancy 9 and 10 is for female candidate. +2 with pleasing personality and computer litarated is must. 


For the vacancy number 11 to 17 and 19 for Apprentices. We are looking for automobile technical helpers or apprentices. The person who are interested in to learn and get training in the automobile technical field can apply for this. 


For vacancy number 18, The persons must have the route knowledge in and around Ernakulam city. Who can Drive all kind of passenger cars. 


All the staff must have a valid four wheeler and two wheeler driving license. 


Send your Resume to:


Phone: 94004 61476

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