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  • Is Automaster have the experience to do premium cars like Audi, BMW, Benz etc"
    Yes we have the experience. The owner and chief technician who had 49 years working experience and out of that 35 years he worked in gulf.
  • What all the works being carried out in Automaster now?
    Automaster is only 3 years old. We have not all the facility to do all the works now. We will be soon. 1. All kinds of Auto electrical works for all brand cars. 2. All kinds of Car A/C repair works. 3. All kinds of Mechanical repairs. Brake, clutch, suspension and engine related works 4. Car Electronics related repairs. Like Sensor, Ecm, Bcm, Tcm etc. 5. Car scanning and Diagnostics. Finding problems and repairing it. 6. Accident Damage Repairs such as denting and Painting works 7. Car Polish and detailing. 8. Car under coat Our motto is repair than replace. To reduce repair cost.
  • Do you take accident damage repairs now. Like Denting and spray painting?
    Yes. we do. Denting and painting works. Patch works. Spray painting works car polishing Car Detailing. Car under coat etc
  • Do you have Car Washing and Car Detailing in your shop?
    Car water washing is outsourcing now. But detailing we do.
  • Do you have Pick up & Drop?
    We will pick up and drop your car within 15 km range.
  • Do it Yourself. Car Starting problem. Not Starting.
    Most car owners face this kind of problem in your car once in a while. To prevent this problem in the future. Take care of these steps in your car. 1. Do not use a car battery more than 4 years. The first battery is coming with your car got a maximum 4 years of life. So after that any time you will face a battery week problem and along with a starting trouble. So if the battery is older than 4 years, change it. 2. If the first attempt to start the engine, fail and you feel the battery power is not enough to crank the car's engine, that means the battery power is not ok. Now you can calculate the battery life span. If the battery is older than 3 years then you will consider as the battery is week. Do not try to start the car with a week battery again and again. This will spoil your car starter motor. Instead try to push start your car or jump start the car. 3. If your car not running 5 km per day and lying for more than one month your car may not start. So keep your car starting for 5 min everyday will keep your car battery in good condition. 4. Every time your car stops and parking in your car porch, you must check and switch off all the electrical components and close all the door, hood and dicky properly. This will prevent the car battery current drainage.
  • How to take care of your car's Aircon in good condition?
    Car AC is very important in these days. With no ac nobody will like traval in a car. So How to keep your car ac in good condition all the time. Car ac is not like our home ac. The system is fitted in the car all over the place. Means not one unit like window ac in our home. There is moving parts like ac compressor, and blower motor, actuators etc. There is Refrigerent gas also inside. Keep your car running with ac on atleast 5 min every day will keep your car ac system healthy. If you are not using your car ac will reduce the life span of your car ac. To keep your car ac in good condition, service your car ac before the summer season start. Clean the cabin filter, top up the ac gas, check the whole system for any other problems. How to start the ac, while car is parked in a very hot and open in the sun light. First get in to the car, start the car, lower all the windows and run the car for about one or two km, then switch on the ac. close all the windows after one min. This will allow to escape all the hot air from the car and ac will cool the interiour very fast. Do not keep your car ac on in idle speed and while parking the car with refresh mode on will allow the car smoke to come inside the car. It will be a un healthy habit that carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas. Or use your ac with recircle mode in the ac control.
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