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As the running hours of the vehicle increase, the vehicle parts will run in the life span through wear and tear. Some of the parts will get damaged through excessive usage and sometimes through rough use and accidents. In all these situations the vehicle will face mechanical & Electrical problems. Most of these problems can be solved through replacing parts and sometimes repairing them. Some of these problems are given below and can be rectified & repaired.



Auto Electrical problems are reduced in the new generation cars today. But if you end up with an electrical problem then you will have to take it to an experienced auto electrician because cars today have a computer installed in it, called ECM, which is very expensive and an inexperienced technician can corrupt your car's electronics. The new generation cars need sophisticated Diagnostic tools for repair and analysis. That’s why we have trained and equipped ourselves with it and we are capable to repair and solve your cars electrical complaints without any damage to this ECM and other electronic components. Each and every electrical component can be repaired - Once again, our motto remaining the same – replace only if it cannot be repaired.             



This is one of our specialties. We can repair almost any complaint your car A/C can throw. That includes the A/C compressor, Evaporator, Condenser, Expansion Valve, Aluminum Pipe leaks, Rubber hose leaks, Condenser fan motors, Blower fan motors, Freon gas leak and recharge the system with new Freon gas.




With the vehicle getting old, problems will start to appear. Most of these problems are related to mechanical issues like, clutch, brake, gear shift, engine, reduced mileage, miss fire, starting trouble, not starting at all, exhaust, suspension, unusual sound, fluid leak like water leak, oil leak, and gasoline leak etc. Everything can be repaired. Usually, these are tasked for replacement. We believe that replacement is necessary only if it cannot be repaired.                                                                           



This service includes Engine oil and filter change. It is done after 3000 to 5000 or 10000 KM's according to the manufactures specifications. While doing this we do other important checks too. Coolant level, Washer fluid level, Brake fluid level, Clutch fluid level, Power steering oil level, battery fluid level, and Gear box oil level and toping up if required. The idea is to be preventive than reactive. That we have the vehicle with us might as well check the basics.                   




Now the number of the cars has increased and roads have become more congested. Accidents have become almost inevitable these days no matter how small. It has become difficult to find a vehicle without a scratch these days. Call us on the spot and we can handle the situation. Take your car to the work shop and repair the damage as soon as possible to get you back on the road. We have gulf experienced Body repair and paint staff to do high quality body work.    

Car service centre - Car Repair workshop
in Manjummel, Ernakulam 
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