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Hardware, Software, Computer and Mobile Applications

GPS tracking system – live tracking on your mobile phone

GPS Tracking devices and mobile app to track your vehicle in real-time

Mobility Innovations – APP & Devices


Your vehicle movement anytime anywhere on your fingertips - 


Real-time GPS tracking to enhance safety & Security of vehicle, people & assets A


comprehensive range of GPS enabled Devices for cars, taxis, 2&3 wheelers, trucks, Buses and EV’s

How it works

Install in vehicle – down load app – activate service – start tracking

Navigation – tracking – safety - Live tracking and safety

Using move tracking devices & app, monitor real-time location & health of vehicle and assets

Automaster Car repair and service center will take care of your all vehicle tracking device fitting and its complete follow-up. ​


Live traffic & ETA

Get live traffic updates & ETA along the route to find the best route for your destination

Live location sharing

Help someone find you, or just give an update on your whereabouts in real-time by sharing your live location on WhatsApp & social media.

Precise doorstep navigation

Search exact house addresses, buildings & get voice navigation

Hyperlocal updates

See & share hyper-local issues & updates like traffic, potholes, unsafe zones to make our roads, neighborhood & cities better

Smart augmented reality

A cool way to discover your surrounding like banks, ATMs, restaurants, shops, in 3D using a phone camera overlaid on maps


  1. Live location tracking

  2. Daily distance traveled

  3. Immobilization through app

  4. Geofence alerts

  5. Notification alert on your phone

  6. Over speeding & undue stoppage alarms

  7. Share your live locations with friends and family

  8. Driving behavior

  9. Get real-time location

  10. Device unplugged alert

  11. Accurate last-mile search

  12. Ignition on/off alerts

  13. Stolen vehicle recovery

  14. Voice-guided navigation

  15. Built in   sensor

bike tracking device fitting in Ernakula
vehicle rear time tracking device fittin
global positioning systems fiiting in Er
vehicle tracking device fitting in Ernak



To know more and for Installation contact. 

Automaster car service center 





 9400 461 476, 999 55 33 476


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